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East Dorset Sailing Club

Club Moorings

Club Moorings

SEVERAL YACHT MOORINGS ARE CURRENTLY AVAILABLE – The club has around 50 yacht moorings: 20 of these are deep water moorings on the edge of the main channel, 18 are along the edge of the north channel and 12 are inshore moorings that dry out at some low tides.

Deep water moorings (ED01-12 & ED18-25) are set at 100ft spacing and can take fin keel boats up to 35ft. Members provide their own riding gear i.e. chain or rope strops, that are attached by shackle to a swivel located on numbered Carrier buoys.

Moorings E31-48 are along the edge of the North Channel and have 80ft spacing. They are suitable for boats up to 26ft, either bilge or fin keel, drawing no more than 4ft. Again, as with the deep water moorings, the member supplies the riding gear.

The remaining moorings ED54-65 are inshore shallow moorings suitable for small keel / bilge keel boats, catamarans, and boats with lifting keels to around 21ft, and the Club provides the essential mooring gear.

The club’s Moorings Officer allocates moorings to members and assists new members with the mooring equipment.

The moorings are available for member use from April 1st to October 31st and are generally all allocated by the beginning of each season, however if you’re interested in joining and would need a mooring please use the contact form 

Even though most of the club’s maintenance is done by volunteers, the moorings are an exception. All structural maintenance to elements like the chain have been outsourced to a professional partner. Out of season the Mooring Officer lets the annual mooring maintenance contract and ensures the moorings are ready for members use by April. He is also the point of contact with the Poole Harbour Commissioners and negotiates any changes required.

Members with a mooring will generally also need a tender to bring them from and to their boat and to store all tenders there are two options:

An outhaul on the pier allows you to leave your tender in the water during the season saving effort taking it out after use, but this is generally not an option for inflatables. Please note that each member is responsible for his/her own tender and an outhaul which includes bailing after heavy rain.

For inflatables members can use the onshore toast racks located conveniently near the slipway for easy launching.

Just like with the outhauls, members are responsible for their own inflatables and will need to make sure they are properly secured and preferably fully inflated.

Club Moorings Map

Club Moorings