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East Dorset Sailing Club

Duties & Roles

As part of your membership you will be asked to volunteer for duties mostly during the main sailing season. Most members sign up for these during the two membership renewal weekends that the club runs early in each year.

Below is a list of those duties and roles that we need to fill each year. Many of our members do take more than the minimum number required, If you are able to take extra duties then take a look at the calendar in the members area to book in where you think you can help. We often have cancellations so keep a look out on the WhatsApp groups for duties that suddenly become available.

Driving, or crewing, a support boat on a warm Friday evening is a pretty good way to spend a few hours or taking the ARO role enjoying the view from the clubhouse is too !

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  • Bar – Self explanatory, the card machine is simple and it’s a great way to meet other members, possibly the best !
  • Galley – Friday night cook – Post racing suppers are back now. It’s usually simple food and a food hygiene briefing is required as a one off before getting started, ask for details.
  • Galley – Assistant to the Friday night cook, be the sous or kitchen porter.
  • General assistance – Typically for set up and help clear up for the one off social events of which there can be several through the summer months like Bart’s Bash and Round The Islands Race

On the water

  • Support Boat Helm –  Level 2 Powerboat required to drive the support boat and patrol during club racing and novices – Its usually Sunday afternoons, Friday & Tuesday evenings, plus special events like Bart’s Bash and Round The Islands Race.
  • Support Boat Crew – Crewing for the helm in a support boat, ready to help dinghies and crews, someone fit and able.
  • Assistant Race Officer – Easy role, helping to record boat finishing times and spotting boats across the line.
  • Race Officer – Usually every other Friday and Sunday when we race. Either experience required in this role or take some training with us. The job is to liaise with race fleet, discuss a course, start and finish race recording times for dinghy’s and cruisers.
  • Beach Master – For pirates, helping to rig up and get launched
  • Shore Helper  – For novices on a Tuesday, helping novices rig up, launch and recover boats.
  • Novice Lead – By invite only but please enquire if you have interest in helping.
  • Pirate Lead – By invite only but please enquire if you have interest in helping

In the yard

  • Maintenance – Typically pier working parties, yard clearing, car park fences up and down start and end of season, sea wall repairs periodically. This has been a really popular group in the past and work often happens over the winter, keep an eye on WhatsApp group chat to join in.

  • Support Boat Bosun – Entire sailing season. Check the fuel tanks once a week and top up at Lilliput Asda petrol station when required (not usually every week, claim fuel expenses back from the club treasurer) and be the point of contact for helms and crew to report a problem with the boat. Phone the engineer to book in if required.
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From time to time, committee members will step down having served for a number of years. The usual process for election is by nomination at the AGM. Whilst it involves some work, it’s also very rewarding and interesting to be on the inside of the club and harbour activities. There are opportunities to attend PYA meetings and receptions at other clubs.

If you are interested in helping the club on the Committee then please make it known to the Honorary Secretary at

Annual Volunteer Roles

  • Sailing Secretary – With the aid of the Cruiser and Dinghy Captains,  immediately following the end of the season decide on dates to sail in the upcoming year taking into account predicted tides and daylight available, adding these to the club calendar and organising duties to facilitate these events. Monitor all sailing activity, and interact with the dinghy and cruiser captains regularly. Form a sailing subcommittee to discuss sailing activity, racing and improvements to these. Encourage interaction between dinghy and cruiser sailors. Manage the production of race results and organise trophies for the annual prize givings. Report monthly to the General Committee and submit a report at the AGM.

  • Dinghy Captain – To encourage our dinghy members to race and socialise, agree on the annual race calendar with the Sailing Secretary prior to the start of the season. When possible help with course selection on race days. Be on hand through the season to listen to dinghy sailor’s feedback and pass it on to the sailing subcommittee. Prepare a report for the committee at the end of the season and the AGM. Be on hand if possible to support the RO in cancelling racing due to excess wind (22 knots).

  • Cruiser Captain – To encourage cruiser owners to race, socialise and cruise, organise cruise destinations, and aid the Dinghy Captain and Sailing Secretary with the race calendar before the season start. Be on hand through the season to listen to cruiser members feedback and pass on to the sailing subcommittee. Prepare a report for the committee at the end of the season and the AGM. Be on hand if possible to support the RO in cancelling racing due to excess wind (22 knots). Maintain our connection with Lilliput Sailing Club and encourage joint participation in events and cruises.

  • Novice Captain – To promote Novice sailing, encourage attendance at novice sessions, arrange and coordinate leaders and duty volunteers.

To put yourself forward for these roles, in the first instance email the Honorary Secretary at